Exhibition documents, 2023



Lisa Tan: Dodge and/or Burn

6 September – 11 February 2024

curator: Therese Kellner



Frescativägen 26A, on the Stockholm University campus

Stockholm, Sweden




About the exhibition


Dodge and/or Burn presents both new and existing works that for this context act together in a unified gesture. The visitor is invited to direct her own path through a system of open walls built for the exhibition, creating porous zones for a selection of images, objects, sounds and video works.


The exhibition is grounded in an illustration by famed neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks of the physiological organization of migraines. Instead of the graph it is meant to be, Tan sees Sacks’ drawing as an architectural floor plan and superimposes it on Accelerator’s own. The merging becomes the basis for the new site-specific installation Promise or Threat, 2023, which spreads over both gallery spaces.


Tan uses a neurological disorder as metaphor in an experiential way to animate her persistent curiosity in subjectivity and representation. In the artist’s own words, “art, like illness—in its dissonance and suspension has the ability to transform the way we understand ourselves, our desires.”


In this exhibition, Dodging and burning—the photography technique that manipulates exposure to either lighten or darken areas of an image—shares the verbs’ other meanings related to quick movement, all-consuming heat and exhaustion.


After a worldwide emergency that has shifted character into other threats one of the central questions raised at Accelerator this fall will be: How is the individual subject formed at this moment in time, given its iteration of violence and its compelling affects?



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Lisa Tan, artist talk

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image: Duane Michals, Now Becoming Then, 1978. Gelatinsilverfotografi, tusch. Courtesy of Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Donation 1978 från konstnären.




herein between spaces

7 October 2023–28 January 2024


Karl Holmqvist, Linnea Lindberg, My Lindh, Lotta Lotass, Duane Michals, Lina Nordenström, Carl-Erik Ström, Lisa Tan and Peter Thörneby

curators: Helena Holmberg and Erik Sandberg



Marbouparken konsthall

Löfströms allé 7–9

172 66 Sundbyberg





About the exhibition


This fall’s group exhibition at Marbouparken konsthall takes its outset in the meeting between text and image. Text and image have throughout art history coexisted in many different forms and contexts. This exhibition will focus on art works which through their artistic method open up for a fruitful uncertainty and ambiguity, works that force us to read them simultaneously through different languages or with a double gaze. The exhibition will include works by artists active within different artistic practices and will follow a few paths through this wide field.


Image and text make out two different kinds of readings or spaces within the work, close to each other, sometimes contradicting each other, but always creating a kind of rupture or gap which can´t be completely overbridged, creating a poetic disconnection in which the artwork is oscillating in an in-between-space. This space between the spaces is a place for redefinition and negotiation where new understandings and readings can emerge. The exhibition does not have the ambition to write a comprehensive history on text in art but rather exhibit artists who work with text in their art in an interesting way.


Both existing and new works of print, sculpture, installation, video, photography, and other media practices will be featured in the exhibition. An accompanying program of readings and performance will be presented at a later date.



Associated Events